In-car record player


Love this picture of sixties Manchester City footballer and man about town Mike Summerbee, enjoying his new in-car record player. Would love to know what the single is he’s holding. Clearly on Decca, the artist appears to consist of three words (the Rolling Stones?). Answers on a postcard please. More images can be seen at the wonderful Voices of East Anglia website…

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Salt and Pepper psychedelic scene.


After a great OOS on Saturday I was reminded of this. As part of our occaisional look into cool mod or psychedelic scenes from sixties movies, we have this example from 1968. Starring a sharp Sammy Davies jnr and the English rat-pack actor Peter Lawford. We have a swinging spy caper in London town. Packed full of English stereotypes and Hollywood ideas of swinging London, it’s actually rather good. Including this scene which makes it for me. Here we have Sammy in full swing at his club singing “I like the way you dance”. Availible on the soundtrack and as a single, it’s a delight…

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OUT OF SIGHT…September 13th!


Fresh from our Summer Special we have September’s Out Of Sight around the corner. Once again we have one of London’s premier djs: Brother Jonno. Expect a treasure chest of only the top mod sounds and more besides. Along with this of course, we’ll have the regulars djs. Anna Vodka and The Shake. Come down on the 13th and join the dancefloor. Still only 3 Euros, the dancing starts at Eleven.

Keep the Faith!

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In August we have a special OUT OF SIGHT! Celebrating the summer it will be an Out Of Sight at DB’s in Utrecht. We’ll be presenting from Germany The Apemen. They’re a frantic Mod beat group that are superb live. A real must see. Plus if the weather is still good we’ll be having an OOS BBQ outside and a stellar line-up of dj’s. From Amsterdam Stefano Witz, from Rotterdam Senor Alberto and Miss. Knievel and from Utrecht dj’s Hugo and Anna Vodka. All for €8 from six. Should be great.

Keep the Faith!

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Tales of the Unexpected…Roy Castle

Roy Castle was a jazz trumpeter by trade who was better know as a presenter on the 70/80s British TV show the Record Breakers. The show was an extension of the Guiness Book of Records anthology, which would basically highlight all kinds of daft attempts at breaking existing records. Roy actually managed to break nine world records himself over the years with the most impressive being the playing of a single tune of four minutes on no less than 43 instruments! But we receed into the past for this unexpected musical gem. Taken from a Hammer horror film “Dr. Terror’s House Of Horror” (1965). It’s basically about a group of strangers that meet on the train and all have scary tales to tell. Roy’s involves a voodoo ceremony where he makes the mistake of stealing the voodoo tune. It’s from this we have “Voodoo Girl”…

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’45 of the month – July


Here’s a great piece of exotic freakbeat from that French sixties siren, Brigitte Bardot. “Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas” (‘Do you want it or don’t you’). It starts a little array and then builds into a claas dance-floor mover. Do you want it or don’t you?..

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’45 of the Month – June.


Ric Martin with a wonderful Popcorn tune that does the business on the dancefloor. Perfect in the heat of the night as well as at an end. Shuffle your feet to this one…

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Tales of the Unexpected…Diana Dors

diana dors

From 1964 on Fontana records comes this genuine suprise. Here we have Britain’s answer to Marylin Monroe, the one only Diana Dors with a freakbeat monster of a record. Diana made a variety of records in her career, mostly of the easy listening type, this one howver is very unexpected. Check it out…

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¡OUT OF SIGHT! – July 12th!


July’s ¡OUT OF SIGHT! sees the debut of top British mod dj. Ginger Tony. He’ll be lighting up the dancefloor with the top mod sounds; Northern Soul, Garage and Beat. Along with the OOS stalwart dj’s The Shake and Anna Vodka we should be in for yet another top summer OUT OF SIGHT!


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An Ode to Vinyl

Came across this tonight. From Mennomail on Vimeo it’s a collection of scenes from films which feature records. There are some great images of course here, amongst these are the clips with a girl in glasses and Steve Buscemi. These are from “Ghost World” a sweet film, well worth watching not least because it has some fantastic record collecting in-jokes and a brilliant scene of a party for vinyl junkies. But in the mean-time check out this video…

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