The Left Banke’s Michael Brown – RIP.

left banke
We’re sorry at OOS to report the passing of Michael Brown March 19. Michael Brown was the writer, composer and singer of seminal sixties group The Left Banke. An often overlooked band but one that when discovered by the listener would often become a beloved group from the era. Only releasing two (fantastic) lps and a handful of singles. The back catalogue might seem slight, but it’s one of great beauty and one with enduring influence. There was a wonderful obituary from Bob Stanley in the Guardian which you can read here.  I’ll leave this post with a couple of favourites of mine from the man. This one is from the first lp…

…whilst this tune appears on the second lp Left Banke Too…

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Brother Jonno on NY Radio

IM.0392_zl Here’s a link to dj. Brother Jonno on New York radio WFMU. He’s guesting with the great DJ Small Change on the “Nickel and Dime and Small Change” Show. It really is a great show as you can see from the playlist. Give it a listen on the link below. And hear something of what you might hear March 14!<a

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the next OUT OF SIGHT: Saturday March 14!


Fresh from playing in New York, we’ll have that London face and New Untouchables dj Brother Jonno as guest dj. Expect steller sets of floorshaking 45s. This guy never dissappoints. As well as Jonno we’ll have the mighty Anna Vodka and The Shake. Keep the faith because it’s gonna be a cracker…

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The Cramps at home

cramps at home

Here’s an interesting little clip from Dangerousminds of a US show (I guess from 1990) called “Afterhours”. It features Lux Interior and Poison Ivy of The Cramps showing off their home and some of their favourite objects. It also includes shots of their legendary singles collection. Worth the price of admission alone…

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“Champagne” OOS Radio. 13 – 01 – 2014


“Steady as she goes!” but the reality was very different. Swerving, spinning, going hell for leather in probably the wrong direction. The Shake’s C5, against the odds, finally made it to El Salvo’s cave on the other side of town…

more shows can be found at:

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The next OUT OF SIGHT…January 10th!


The first OOS of 2015 sees after a long absence dj.imod. Specialising in Northern Soul, we’ll have only the best original ’45s money can buy. Expect a steaming dancefloor to wash away those pot-Christmas blues. Along with imod we’ll have dj’s Anna Vodka and The Shake bringing the garage, the ska and the beat. Come on down to the ACU and keep the faith!

for further information check out

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13th Floor Elevators and Dick Clarke


Came across this earlier today and loved it. It’s the 13th Floor Elevators on a Dick Clarke special brilliantly named “Where the Action is!”. The Elevators are playing one of my favourites “You’re gonna miss me” and they really go for it. Also really like the kids around the pool trying to get down with it, “is this the thirteenth floor?”…

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The Misunderstood


After picking up The Misunderstood single “I Can Take You to the Sun” at the Utrecht Record Fair at the weekend (apparantly the largest record fair in the world). I had a quick look on Youtube for some footage of them. And this was all I found. It’s a clip from a UK film of 1969 “Supershow”. And what a film it is. It’s basically one big concert over three days in a disused factory featuring Led Zepellen, Collosium, Buddy Miles amongst others. And of course The Misunderstood. Here they are…

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Bee Gees psychedelic German show ’68


Thanks to the Dangerous minds website for this one. It’s a an incredible psych tv special made for the Bee Gees album “Idea”. Noel Gallagher once remarked that the Bee Gees were Manchester’s Beach Boys. Not so sure about that but they are stunning in this clip. Complete with Yellow Submerine designs it’s great. Love the way sixties bands used choreography and graphics in their performances. Take a peek…

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Gonks Go Beat!

gonks go beat

Watching the recent Ginger Baker documentary over the weekend, I saw this wonderful clip of the Graham Bond Organisation in technicolour action. It really is a brilliant tune and clip. Taken from the 1965 sci-fi musical “Gonks Go Beat!”, a film derided on release, in fact a film still derided as one of the worst British films of all time. Mark Kermode described it as “the Plan 9 from Outer Space of musicals”. Well not having seen the whole film I can’t comment, but to be honest if it’s anywhere as good as this clip it’s probably brilliant. Check it out…

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