’60s shop and gig …

Vogue UK November 1965 - Shrimpton-11

Just came across this on the excellent Voices of East Anglia website. Its a concert venue that experimented with having an underground st’reet of boutiques. Selling all the latest clobber plus records too. Nip downstairs get some top threads then show them off upstairs. Might be an idea for OUT OF SIGHT in the future. It’s a great film, take a look…

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The Next OOS…January 9th


The first OUT OF SIGHT of 2016 sees the debut of renowned Ska and Bluebeat dj. Moodisc. In January he’ll be playing his usual Jamaican 45s plus mod, beat and soul. Along with the OOS regulars Anna Vodka and The Shake, it should be a great start to the mod year. As ever at the ACU in Utrecht, come on down…

Keep the Faith!

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November 14th…the next OUT OF SIGHT!


November’s OUT OF SIGHT sees the welcome return of that northern soul dj imod. He’ll be joined by regulars Anna Vodka and The Shake. Expect nothing but the best in sixties 45s. It’ll be at the ACU and costs a mere 3 euros. From eleven.

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The Shake and Brother Jonno on WFMU.


Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to make a northern soul set for the Nickel and Dime show on the legendary WFMU radio out of Jersey City. Along with the host Small Change, Brother Jonno (of this parish) and DJ Clifton from LA it’s a storming 3 hours of soul, funk and boogaloo, and more besides. You can listen to it hear

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The next OUT OF SIGHT…September 12th

sept15flyerOUT OF SIGHT is pleased to announce the return of dj. Dab. That stalwart Utrecht dj will be bringing a bag of top swinging 45’s. Along with Anna Vodka and the Shake, we’ll have a top sixties night. With all the best Mod, Skinhead and Psychy sounds around. As ever at the ACU, it’s only 3,euros and the dancing starts at Eleven. keep the Faith!

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Pop stars playing records.

Just came across this which I though was lovely. Basically as the title suggests it’s photos of sixties pop stars listening to records. Always a nice thing to behold. Here’s (in visual order) Roger Daltrey, Francoise Hardy, Syd Barrett and Eric Clapton. More can be found at the great website Voices of East Anglia


Francois-Hardy Syd-Barrett clapton

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The next OUT OF SIGHT…July 11th!


July’s OUT OF SIGHT gives us the welcome return of that Utrecht cat about town, dj.Hugo. Bringing with him a trusty box of storming 45s. From r’n’b to garage and beyond. Along with dj’s Anna Vodka and The Shake! it should be a good one. Come down to the ACU, Utrecht and dance till the early hours. Keep the faith!

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Groovy club scene from…Manon 70.


Manon 70 is a French film from 1968. Starring a ravashing Catherine Deneuve who according to IMDB takes a variety of lovers to satisfy her needs. Sounds very saucy but right now we are concerned with the club scene from the film, which we saw on the Voices of East Anglia website. Including really great sitar music from Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Columbier. It’s a  groovy club indeed, in fact it reminds me a little of our Out Of Sight nights down the ACU. Is that Stein and Beatles Hans I see…? Enjoy…

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Ask the D.J – der Wolfshund.

We managed to coller the next OOS dj and man about town der Wolfshund recently. And posed him some questions relating to music and his djíng in general.

How would you describe your dj sets?

I like to mix it up. Hits and misses go side by side. It’s a thin line between playing what people think they want and what I think they need.

I’m a bit of a garage/beat head, but I’ve been getting more and more into 50’s R&B. I build my sets around those three genres. I don’t care if a track is obscure or popular, the groove is everything, people have to dance. But it is nice to play that lesser known song by that well known artist or a crazy cover. I try to work towards a climax – slowly build things up – after which I start all over again. I want to share my love of music and celebrate the good things in life and the genius of human creativity.

When did you begin, and what’s your musical history?

I guess I started out in Zwolle, about 15/20 years ago, desperately trying to get people to dance to Lyres and Back From The Grave stuff.

But as a little boy I was already playing Beatles records too loud on my parents’ stereo after school. Then at night, when my parants were home, the neighbours came over to complain and I got sent to bed right away. At least they got to hear Love Me Do twenty times in a row…

I play drums in de Sp aties and before that I played in The Stilettos.

What are your fave 45′s of the moment?

Lenny Johnson – Walk Ginny Walk


The Mamas & The Papas – Dancing In The Street


The Sound Barrier – Hey Hey


Billy Hambric – Flaming Mamie


I’m Leaving – John Lee Hooker


Evelyn Freeman – Didn’t It Rain


Lavern Baker – Bumble Bee


Rev. Louis Overstreet – Black But Proud


Rob de Nijs – Oh Had Ik ’N Hammer


The 5 Strangers – Sad And Lonely


What’s your “Get out of Jail” record? 

Rob Hoeke Boogie Woogie Quartet – Down South Part 1


Ever experienced “DJ Hell”?

Luckily I spend most of my time behind the wheels of steel in DJ heaven!

But yes, I have. Dying sound systems; record players that are broken because nobody bothered to check them; just being the wrong man for the occasion, where all people want to hear is ABBA, The Cure and “that one song that goes tadadada dadada nanah…”

Once I stopped in mid-song, when some guy with his electric guitar started jamming to what I was playing. He had played with his band before I was on. The whole club went dead silent when I stopped the music, after which I asked him how he would have felt if I had started playing my records through his music. That put him in his place.

I’ve had drunk people spilling drinks on my records and every now and then there’s that idiot who thinks it’s funny to put his finger on the record.

It’s live and learn. The less attention you give people like that, the better. I try to focus on the people that are having a good time, that way I get the most energy out of it myself. Energy that hopefully will translate back into a killer set!

What are your thoughts on the ’60s scene?

Tough question, since I’m not that much of a scenester… It should be open and welcoming, looking out instead of in. The more people the merrier. And that’s exactly what I like about Out Of Sight parties.

I never understood the elitist secret club mentality. To those people I say: If you like the sixties so much, why don’t you go and live there.

Give us three tunes that will definitely be in your box on May 9th?

Rob Hoeke Boogie Woogie Quartet – Down South Part 1


Gerry & The Pacemakers – Shot Of Rhythm And blues


Link Wray – Turnpike U.S.A.


Any advice for the budding dj?

Don’t forget to bring your records and make sure you get the girls dancing, then the boys will surely follow.

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The next OUT OF SIGHT!…May 9th


For all your sixties needs the next Out Of Sight has been arranged for May 9th. At the ACU in Utrecht we’ll have dj. der Wolfshund as our special guest. Also known as Barry Stilletto  from great garage bands The Stillettos and De Spa ties, he’ll be bringing his fantastic collection of dancefloor smashing sounds to bring in the Summer. Along with regulars Anna Vodka and The Shake, it should be a top happening. Only 3 euros, the action starts at Eleven.

Keep the Faith!

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