Postscript of March OOS


The dancefloor filled early. Dancing  tentatively at first to a mix of northern and r’n’b, the atmosphere steadily grew. When the rocksteady kicked in, we had a party. Dab played a blinder, to be honest I didn’t recognize one record that he played. Obviously his record shopping in New York had paid dividends. Before this OOS I had wondered if this might be a less than popular OOS. The reason being that because of a broken foot the flyering of the city had been less widespread than usual. My worries over the night were soon allayed. There was a good crowd throughout, lots of new faces. Record of the night for me was “Take a Trip” – Jimmy Viks. Although looking back “Sufferer” –The Kingstonians made an impact early doors.  Here’s looking forward to May, and the 15th anniversary!


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