“Majestic Sounds” OOS Radio. 9 – 02 – 16


The club had seen better nights. Though as he would constantly tell himself, it was just a Tuesday night in Winter. In fact the girls sensing perhaps the blues of the season were girating with less than their normal verve. There was nothing else for it. He left, saddled his Lambretta and sped across town to the shake shack…

more shows can be heard at: www.out-of-sight.nl

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3 Responses to “Majestic Sounds” OOS Radio. 9 – 02 – 16

  1. . . . . as he sped across town on his Lambretta, his long scarf blowing almost horizontal in his wake and the (imitation) fox’s tail bobbing furiously from the end of the aerial behind him, he caught many bemused and admiring glances. He could feel the adrenalin starting to pump and the breathlessness return, as it always did on such occasions. He only slowed down as the Shake Shack came into view. It had been a long time and, as he discovered, some things had changed. Just too late he saw the C5 parked in the gloom, but too late to avoid a collision. The Lambretta emerged with a light scuff mark to one of its chromed side panels, but with up to £20 worth of damage to the C5 (more than it was worth). He shrugged, retrieved the 45s from the pannier, adjusted his tweed cloak and deerstalker and lit up his favourite briar. He was ready for anything . . . . which was just as well!

  2. Eric Vonk says:

    keep ’em coming mate – been enjoying your shows for many years now – tada

    • acuoos says:

      Thanks Erik. Your support is always appreciated. Great to hear from you. Been having some technical problems so the shows aren’t posted as regularly as before. Fingers crossed and we’ll be back to normal soon.

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