The Left Banke’s Michael Brown – RIP.

left banke
We’re sorry at OOS to report the passing of Michael Brown March 19. Michael Brown was the writer, composer and singer of seminal sixties group The Left Banke. An often overlooked band but one that when discovered by the listener would often become a beloved group from the era. Only releasing two (fantastic) lps and a handful of singles. The back catalogue might seem slight, but it’s one of great beauty and one with enduring influence. There was a wonderful obituary from Bob Stanley in the Guardian which you can read here.  I’ll leave this post with a couple of favourites of mine from the man. This one is from the first lp…

…whilst this tune appears on the second lp Left Banke Too…

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1 Response to The Left Banke’s Michael Brown – RIP.

  1. Sad news indeed. Saw the band on stage in Washington DC a couple years back and very good they were too. Glad I caught them then. A good memory.

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