“Champagne” OOS Radio. 13 – 01 – 2014


“Steady as she goes!” but the reality was very different. Swerving, spinning, going hell for leather in probably the wrong direction. The Shake’s C5, against the odds, finally made it to El Salvo’s cave on the other side of town…

more shows can be found at: http://www.out-of-sight.nl

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2 Responses to “Champagne” OOS Radio. 13 – 01 – 2014

  1. . . . . “Excuse me, sir,” said a voice behind him. He spun round with such momentum that he felt slightly dizzy and nearly stumbled. His heart sank, as he caught sight of the policeman shining his torch towards him. He felt the beads of sweat forming on his forehead (and elsewhere). Was this the result of his ‘purposeful’ driving style, he wondered, or perhaps his passing acquaintance with the significance of traffic lights? As the policeman moved slowly towards him, he hoped that champagne did not leave any distinguishing traces on his breath. Then he heard the words that signalled some international conspiracy, “Sir, I have reason to believe that you are The Shake and that you have been playing records on the radio, without the appropriate frog filter. You should consider this a formal caution . . . . unless you can play something nice for me old mum!” . . . . and so the Out of Sight Show was jammed with ‘nice’ tracks and everyone was happy.

  2. acuoos says:

    Thank you for your eloquence, much enjoyed here. I’ll be sure to repair the Frog Filter for future arrangements.

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