Salt and Pepper psychedelic scene.


After a great OOS on Saturday I was reminded of this. As part of our occaisional look into cool mod or psychedelic scenes from sixties movies, we have this example from 1968. Starring a sharp Sammy Davies jnr and the English rat-pack actor Peter Lawford. We have a swinging spy caper in London town. Packed full of English stereotypes and Hollywood ideas of swinging London, it’s actually rather good. Including this scene which makes it for me. Here we have Sammy in full swing at his club singing “I like the way you dance”. Availible on the soundtrack and as a single, it’s a delight…

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2 Responses to Salt and Pepper psychedelic scene.

  1. An everyday story of London folk in the 60s . . . . and a great moment in the middle of his dance, when Sammy Davis Jr shouts ‘Gor Blimey’ . . . . classic!

  2. Brother Jonno says:

    That’s the ‘Dream Team’ right there,Lawford an Davis in da house,swingingest cats in Soho!!!!
    When I play this out to a crowd that knows the words,we always sing “Gor Blimey” especially loud,nothing better in this old fellas opinion…it’s a belting film,and the sequel ‘Salt and Pepper One More Time’ is pretty insane too.
    Top bombing Shaker!

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