Tales of the Unexpected…Roy Castle

Roy Castle was a jazz trumpeter by trade who was better know as a presenter on the 70/80s British TV show the Record Breakers. The show was an extension of the Guiness Book of Records anthology, which would basically highlight all kinds of daft attempts at breaking existing records. Roy actually managed to break nine world records himself over the years with the most impressive being the playing of a single tune of four minutes on no less than 43 instruments! But we receed into the past for this unexpected musical gem. Taken from a Hammer horror film “Dr. Terror’s House Of Horror” (1965). It’s basically about a group of strangers that meet on the train and all have scary tales to tell. Roy’s involves a voodoo ceremony where he makes the mistake of stealing the voodoo tune. It’s from this we have “Voodoo Girl”…

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1 Response to Tales of the Unexpected…Roy Castle

  1. The Commissioner says:

    Great track . . . . . and a great entertainer.

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