Swinging Britain!


Here’s a great short film from British Pathe News about the “scene” in 1967. It’s got that plummy upright Oxbridge commentary which was just begging for parody; “Social-rebels have taken over and with it’s new language it’s ‘way-out and weird’ to say the least!” and “Teddy-boys seem traditional in comparison!”. In fact the film is very sympathetic to the new social scene showing mods and hippies from London as well as Manchester and Newcastle. There’s some priceless footage of the clubs here too. Well worth a look…

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2 Responses to Swinging Britain!

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    Reckon I must still be rocking that “Young and active in every sort of way” vibe…..this film is a joy mate.
    I know you gonna start a “Happening” at OOS on May 10th….get in!!!

  2. I’m with Brother Jonno . . . . the film is a real joy, despite the patronising commentary. . . . as it happens!

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