Midnight Cowboy Psychedelic Party Scene


Here’s something I happened across over the weekend. From the 1969 John Schlesinger film “Midnight Cowboy”, one of my favourite scenes. When our two characters enter the Warhol-esque psychedelic party. Featuring cameos from various Warhol superstars, it’s perhaps one of my favourite ’60s freakout scenes from all the movies. Great to see again…

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2 Responses to Midnight Cowboy Psychedelic Party Scene

  1. brother jonno says:

    In Andy Warhol’s book Popism he talks about this scene,all the movers and shakers of ‘superstar’dom are there in the party scene,way cool to see all that East Village hedonism in screaming technicolor…

  2. I’ve long suspected that it’s just like that behind the doors of the local Gala Bingo!

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