An ¡OUT OF SIGHT! happening!

Finally after a couple of years we managed to track down the only surviving copy of the ¡OUT OF SIGHT! happening from 2007. Basically we forgot it was uploaded to Youtube, then we couldn’t find the relevant search words to find it (doh!). But here it is. Performed on a rainy Thursday afternoon in Utrecht centre, The Hipster, Anna Vodka and The Shake attempt to drum up support before that weekend’s OOS night. With placards and a portable record player the spirit of the underground was re-birthed. Great to see it again, let’s hope we find the video of the second “balloon” happening soon!…

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2 Responses to An ¡OUT OF SIGHT! happening!

  1. Shake: A fine example of entrepreneurial endeavour and evidently it was successful. Anna Vodka looks just how I imagined her and you looked at home with a placard in your hands . . . . only the brazier was missing !!!

  2. Brother Jonno says:

    Who’s that handsome skinny tyke in the black flat cap?
    Awesome archive bruv,I remember carrying a banner for a club night back in the day…..It was for a Nasty Tales Benefit,Pink Finks Edgar Broughton,usual suspects,happy daze.
    You should do this again at Utrecht University,make it a “Be In!”….I’d be in for that one. 🙂

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