Footballers and Record Shops…


This one is a fairly tenuous post. Although in it’s defence it features a record shop from the 1960s, so for that reason alone it possibly warrents an inclusion on the blog. It features two 1966 World Cup heroes leaving a record shop. Ron Springett is on the left (QPR goalkeeper who didn’t get a game in the Cup) and Man. United full back Nobby Stiles (who certainly did play). I don’t know anything more about the photo, I like to imagine it was taken in the summer of 1966 as the two footballers nip away from the training camp buy a few records. Sadly Ron leaves without the soul 45 he ordered on import (hadn’t arrived yet), but Nobby was well chuffed to pick up the latest Hollies lp. If you want to see more photos of the famous and record shops you can here.

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