Duffy Power R.I.P.

Duffy Power in 1966

This week I was saddened to hear of the death of the British singer Duffy Power. You can read his obituary here. Duffy made some great singles including the mod floorfillers “If I get lucky someday” and “A woman made trouble” both on Parlophone. But I present in his memory an earlier single on Fontana, in fact a b-side. “What now” is a haunting popcorn tune, that shows off his voice to great effect. You can hear it below. Farewell Duffy…

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5 Responses to Duffy Power R.I.P.

  1. The Commissioner says:

    A sad, sad loss, a much respected artist and a fine talent.

  2. Brother Jonno says:

    Gutted to hear about Duffy Power,one happy thought on a sad time is his awesome legacy will NEVER be sullied.
    I played ‘A Woman MadeTrouble’ at The Friars Club last week and got a massive pop for it,that’s what magic 45s and magic artists can do,light up a place and make the world a brighter place,Duffy Power you were and always will be a Mod Lord!! RIP xx


    just heard about duffy power and am very saddened indeed met duffy and his dear lady in london in the early 90s brilliant
    i wrote to the bbc many times asking that jools hollands show feature4s duffy sometime to help him out ABSOLUTELY ZERO RESPONSE which does not susprise me
    needless to say that the great extrapolations lp had duffys name on it and even that was misspelt DUSSY
    sad sad day and best regards to duffy good lady david edmondsosn kendal cumbria

    • acuoos says:

      Thanks for the comment David. It was sad news indeed. It’s certainly a shame that Duffy never appeared on ‘Later’, that would have been fantastic. Though I suppose there is some solace in that he was gaining in recognition before he passed.

      • DAVID EDMONDSON says:

        many thansk for the response I am afraid that society never learns Duffy was exceptional and I mean that with all my heart
        best regards and lets hope some company will issue the phillips and fontana cds as they have for many others I wrote to john mcglaughlin many years or so ago in monaco and he really was appreciative of the early years which says it all
        regards and best wishes from and to a proper music lover

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