’45 of the Month – February.


This month’s’45 is a brilliant r’n’b single from Douglas ‘Jocko’ Henderson on Wand. “Blast off to Love” begins in an onimous fashion with the sound of a rocket getting nearer. Jocko was a top New York radio DJ in the ’50s. He presented a hugely popular show called “The Rocket Ship Show”. He had a distinctive rhyming style not dissimilar to rap (many now view him as an early forerunner to Rap). He would also begin each show with the sound of a rocket. A rocket could well be a good metaphor for this tune as it erupts into a mod r’n’b floorfiller. Lend it an ear…

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2 Responses to ’45 of the Month – February.

  1. What a fine choice and Douglas “Jocko” Henderson was a fascinating fellow . . . . he recorded ‘Blast Off To Love’ around 1953 and a few others. He went on to be a radio DJ in New York with a show called “Rocket Ship”. In 1978, he made an unsuccessful bid for a seat in the US House of Representatives and was still DJing into the 90s.

  2. Brother Jonno says:

    It’s amazing how many great artists recorded top tunes for Wand Records,and Jocko is deffers one of em…quirky and a little bit nutty but it’s got the stuff full dance floors are made of.

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