Tales of the Unexpected…Elkie Brooks.

elkie brooks

Elkie Brooks is probably best known for her ’70s hit “Pearl’s a Singer”. She was also a familiar guest singer on various variety and comedy shows during that decade and the next. But if we delve into the ’60s we can find a handful of top northern soul singles. Here’s perhaps the best, from 1965 a stirring northern anthem on the fragility of love “He’s gotta love me” (H.M.V.). Great tune…

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2 Responses to Tales of the Unexpected…Elkie Brooks.

  1. The Commissioner says:

    Elkie was also a member of 70s group Vinegar Joe and part of some great recordings.

  2. Brother Jonno says:

    So glad the old fox The Commish name checked VJ saw em at the Rainbow Finsbury Park myself,early 70s era.
    Oh man they were hot!!!! Interesting that both she and Rob Palmer had stellar careers post VJ,something called TALENT I reckon.
    Loved her 60s Northern stuff,and thanks for digging this one out of the vaults,got a real Trent Hatch feel everything but the kitchen sink chucked into the mix,Elkie always had the pipes for this type of tune,she was a bit of a fox too.

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