Psychomania was a British film from 1973 starring sometime dj all-round tv personality of the time Nicky Hensen as a leader of a motorcycle gang (The Living Dead), who due to his mother’s (Beryl Reed’s) pack with the devil aquires the ability to come back from the dead. There then follows a great sequence where each of the motorcycle gang commit suicide in more and more original ways. The music is great, ranging fom tripped out rock to hippy folk psych. Clearly not to be taken seriously, it’s a film that’s a joy from start to finish getting more bizarre at every Triumph’s turn. Below the great Alex Cox’s gives his preface to the film, as he would regularly do on a Sunday night in his 1980s/’90s series “Moviedrome”. Sadly it seems Cox doesn’t like the music, oh well you can’t have everything…

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  1. Brother Jonno says:

    Us Modabilly’s still thrill to the heady note of a Triumph motorcycle……
    I love the music in this movie apart from one tune, the bonkers acoustic funeral song,the trippy effects (so early 70s) are awesome.
    The block of flats that one of the bikers commits suicide by jumping from is a block I know well, my son’s Godfather lived there, many’s the time I parked my own fire breather in the car park there,spooky eh?
    Thanks Shake for continuing to dig deeper into the cultural vaults for gems like this, Bezza Reid is wild in the role of Nicky Henson’s mum,if you haven’t seen Psychomania……. Why not?

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