Ask the d.j. – Lord Bacon.


We were lucky enough recently to corner the Rotterdam d.j. Lord Bacon about his d.j’ing and influences. Which is cool because he will, along with Senor Alberto be playing at the next OUT OF SIGHT! on November 9th. It’s gonna be brilliant!

How would you describe your dj sets?

I think it would be best to let someone else be the judge of that, but I hope my dj sets are very enjoyable! (oh yes they are! – Ed)

When did you begin, and what’s your musical history?

In my early adolescent years I was rather fond of punk-rock and new-wave. That kind of music underwent some significant changes during the early 1980s, which I found hard to appreciate. Instead of going along with the times, I started to dig into the musical past. I became involved into the rockabilly scene, which was quite big in Rotterdam at that time. However, once you start to dig into the the past you’re bound to find a lot of other musical gems and the consequence was that I got interested in the music and mod culture from the 1960s.

I started d.j’ing in the 1980s, although very occasionally. It became more frequent in the 1990s when I was asked to spin some records at the Ye-Ye Parties and the Soul and Ska Allniters which took place in Rotterdam.

What are your fave 45′s of the moment?

I guess the most favourite are often the 45’s I’ve acquired most recently, like “Yes I Do” by Tony’s Defenders. However, some of my fave 45’s are the ones I don’t have yet. To mention one, I would love to own a copy of “That’s When Happiness Began” by The Montanas. And of course there are the 45’s which I always get excited about, even though I’ve bought them many years ago. Such as the classic “Misery” by The Dynamics.

What’s your “Get out of Jail” record?

Certainly that must be “Seven Days Too Long” by Chuck Wood! An all-time favourite and a guaranteed floorfiller in the Rotterdam district.

Ever experienced “DJ Hell”?

I’m afraid so, yes! I prefer not to talk about it anymore. Let’s leave it at that. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What are your thoughts on the ’60s scene?

The people I know who are part of the ’60s scene are very friendly, open-minded and they certainly know how to party! Of course there will be some in the scene that are very strict in their beliefs, what’s right or wrong according to the gospel of the sixties, but to be frank to you; I don’t know them!

Give us three tunes that will definitely be in your box on November 9th?

Self evidently that will be the afore mentioned 45’s by Tony’s Defenders and The Dynamics. As for the third tune; when asked to spin records on a 60s themed party, I will never leave home without The Rebel Rousers’ “As I Look” in my box.

Any advice for the budding dj?

Not really, no. Although I thoroughly agree with Brother Jonno’s (a previous OOS Q&A d.j) answer to this question!

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3 Responses to Ask the d.j. – Lord Bacon.

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    Great interview matey,amazing how you can get a sense of the person by their get out of jail choices and don’t leave home without it choices….. Top bombing with both brother.
    ‘As I look’ The Rebel Rousers guaranteed flyer,not forgetting it’s got a stormer on the flip too.
    Good luck and have fun at OOS Nov Lord B, don’t forget to bring home the bacon!

  2. clarice says:

    i wonder if you guys still spin…..any sixties,mod,northern allnighter somewhere in holland?
    someone spinning some 45ers? missing london!!!

    • acuoos says:

      Hi Clarice,

      Thanks for the comment. You might be in luck we’ll be playing this Saturday at the ACU in Utrecht from 11 to 4ish. It’s the OUT OF SIGHT night and it’s every other month. Come on down if you fancy. You can check it out here

      Send an email if you want to be on the mailing list.

      Cheers, The Shake.

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