Jason King, the suavest of the suave.


Having posted the title sequence from “Budgie” recently I was reminded of a few more series from the time which I had enjoyed back in the day. One was the legendary detective ‘drama’ called ‘Jason King’. This lasted for one long series(1971-72), and involved the exploits of the ever-so suave Peter Wyngarde playing the role of the aristocratic dandy Jason King. King would often solve crimes with an omnipresent glass of champagne in hand and a bevvy of glamorous models in tow. As you can imagine this was hardly a kitchen-sink type detective show. Here’s the title sequence with a pretty groovy theme tune as well…

Peter Wyngarde - When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head 1970 FRONT

At his height of fame Peter was also given the chance to record an lp. The idea of RCA was that he might do a Sinatra type collection of standards, however the record company gave him total ‘artistic’ license to do what he wished. The result was the brilliantly titled “When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head”. For many years now, I’ve seen this lp at various record fairs. Always going for a massive price. But it wasn’t until now that I’d heard anything from it. If I was ever tempted to buy it before, I am no longer…

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1 Response to Jason King, the suavest of the suave.

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    The Hippie and the Skinhead is the most acid tinged piece of prose I think I’ve ever heard in 61 years,incredible I’m so proud of Peter Wyngarde what a legend! RCA must of had a breakdown when they heard it lol.
    Thanks for posting this up mate,I’m unashamedly a JK fan always was always will be,he was the fashion bom diggers in Dept S Jason King era,style icon.
    A lad in his 20s who goes to a lot of the New Untouchable nights has got the JK look down to a fine art,total premier league DANDY.
    Bob on.

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