The Monkees and “Head”.

monkees foreign head poster 1968

Head is a feature-film from The Monkees in 1968. It’s a, and it’s been some years since I saw it, rambling psychedelic trip through film lots and studios, various bars and hang-outs, featuring a whole array of establishment and anti-establishment characters. Although far from coherent, it’s worth taking the ride. It also features some well-known faces including Jack Nicholson (who co-produced it), Victor Mature, Frank Zappa and Dennis Hopper. It ends in a similar way to it’s begining with a beautiful scene of Micky Dolenz and the rest of The Monkees sinking slowly and quite beautifully through the water, backed by perhaps their greatest musical moment (certainly their most psychedelic one), “The Porpoise Song”. Here it is…

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2 Responses to The Monkees and “Head”.

  1. It has a real sense of fun and captures the mood of the times. Loved it! Ta muchly.

  2. Brother Jonno says:

    Had this film for a few years now and what still strikes me is imagine when the money guys sat down to watch it through with the director and production crew… “you guys spent 2 million on this? You nuts? Oh my god we’re ruined!” I would love to have been at that screening.
    All the Vietnam war references too make it a time capsule,I find a Strawberry Fields pink microdot helps this film make better sense….to quote Gary Scruggs “Beautiful!”

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