Great Northern Soul Documentary.


For those that missed it. There was a brilliant documentary on Northern Soul a couple of weeks ago on BBC 1. Featuring great music, great interviews and decent appraisals of the origins and nature of Northern Soul. Presented by Paul Preston (economic correspondent of the BBC) who was a regular at the Wigan Casino, the documentary was it seems, in safe hands. Here is the full version from youtube. Keep the Faith!…

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1 Response to Great Northern Soul Documentary.

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    You legend! Great to see you put this docu on line,popped into Wigan myself back in the mists of time on Chelsea away days ‘oop North’ was a brill place to hang out where even the Southern softies team you supported didn’t exclude you from that community.
    Was talking about Wigan to ‘Motown Jo’ Wallace at Glastonbury hilarious hair raising times…..
    Loved the dance lesson,it all came back to matey didn’t it……once a dancer always a dancer!
    John Cooper Clarke’s witty banter was a classic,top bombing mate,you made my day….thanks. X

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