Spending a late night yesterday trawling through the blind and sometimes glittering alleys of Youtube I came across “Budgie”(1971). Budgie was series starring pop-star Adam Faith as a prisoner leaving jail and trying, or actually not trying at all, to re-enter society. I remember loving it when it was repeated on Channel Four in the early Eighties. Watching the first two episodes last night (the first series was in black and white) was a joy depite being a bit wooden in places as I guess it was beginning to find it’s feet. But here’s a clip of the title sequence which has a kind of beauty all of it’s own. I’m watching episode three tonight…

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3 Responses to Budgie.

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    Ah the guilty pleasure of Budgie…….loved it then, I still do.
    I don’t suppose there’s any chance you could dig my personal fave 60s epic ‘ Department S’ out of the vaults? Jason King….. Now there was a man’s man, a fashion icon in my humble opinion.

  2. The Commissioner says:

    Nice reminder. Even the LWT logo and chimes seem to summon up memories and moments.

    Saw Adam Faith acting on stage in his latter years and he was pretty good (unlike Dennis Waterman) not tempted to break into song!

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