Honey Ltd.


Honey Ltd. were an all girl band from ’68 which were signed and mentored by Lee Hazelwood. They hitchiked to California to have an audition with Hazelwood, he was so impressed that he signed them on the spot. They then produced a wonderful pop-psych lp and a single. Unfortunately on their big break appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, a laid-back Lee allowed them to do a cover of an Aretha Franklin tune instead of their new single. A chance was lost, this tied with the loss of a distribution deal by Lee’s company meant very few copies of the album surfaced. However it has recently been re-released, and it’s good stuff. Here they are on the Jerry Lewis show doing (for once) one of their own tunes…

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1 Response to Honey Ltd.

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    This mob reminded me of The Carrie Nation from Russ Meyer movie Beyond The Valley of The Dolls! I was waiting for The Zee Man to rush on onstage.
    They look awesome too,yet another casualty of terrible management,same old same old eh….

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