“Lucy in London”

Here’s a great looking trailer for A Lucille Ball London special from the ’60s.
Apparently the very groovy and very catchy tune was made by Phil Spector, which would explain it’s quality. I particularly liked the slow motion dancing in the middle. Also staring Anthony Newley, take 5 minutes out to go back to swinging London…(thanks to Dangerousminds.net)

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2 Responses to “Lucy in London”

  1. A taste of the spirit of the 60s and a piece of a film that included Peter Wyngarde, Frank Thornton, Roberts Morley, Wilfred Hyde-White, James Robertson-Justice, as well as Anthony Newley and The Dave Clark Five.

  2. Brother Jonno says:

    Real American Show Biz Royalty! LB is so super COOL in it,and I really loved the song,especially the bit about the Queen shedding a tear when Lucy went home,amazing.
    I really want to dance with LB in swinging London too…….
    This is a brilliant find Andy,proper treasure,I loved it so much I just watched it again matey,more please!

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