Mick Farren R.I.P.


Tonight we are sorry to announce the death of that great anarchist musician, writer and all round agitator Mick Farren. Member of the legendary Deviants and the Pink Fairies, as well as a prolific writer and thorn in the side of the establishment. He died on Sunday night onstage with his reformed band The Deviants. If there is a good way to go, maybe this is it. R.I.P Mick.

Here’s Mick causing some havoc on smug old David Frost’s show…

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1 Response to Mick Farren R.I.P.

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    A legend has left the building,I had the honour of knowing him from Pink Finks era,Mick was a real one off who managed to survive the punk explosion with his cool intact…….because HE WAS COOL!! cool as hell….R.I.P bruv x

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