Ask The D.J – d.j. El Salvo

We have just arranged for d.j. El Salvo to make his OUT OF SIGHT! debut at the next one on July 13th. It should be a brilliant night. So what better opportunity than this, to ask El Salvo a few record-playing questions…

How would you describe your dj sets?
Danceable full of energy with a good connection to the public, a salvo of floor fillers…
When did you begin, and what’s your musical history?
When I was a child my first words (according to my mum) were “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” ( The Beatles-She Loves You) since I was six I’ve collected 20,000 albums en 8,000 7″ inches. Dj-ing was a hobby but in 1999 I started “80’s Verantwoord” (or the In-credible 80’s) and “Zer00s Heroes” since then I’m touring all over the Netherlands at clubs and festivals. Presently I’m working on a new party “The Happening” with lots of 60’s and 70’s records.
What are your fave 45′s of the moment?
At this moment; Double Feature – “Come on Baby”
What’s your “get out of jail” record?
Well this depends on the public. I have certain records that click with certain audiences, I always know which of these floorfillers to play…At the moment I reckon it’s “Groovin’ with Mr. Bloe” – Mr. Bloe.
Ever experienced “DJ Hell”?
O yeah; a business event in Assen (east of Holland) where I got all the wrong requests! Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf! arghhh!…. I couldn’t drink enough to forget that music, terrible!
What are your thoughts on the ’60s scene?
Inspirational,colorful, fashionable (MODS!!!) and all originals. There was no standard to look up to, top respect for the bands who invented the pop music that we know and love today…
Give us three tunes that will definately be in your box on July 13th?
1) The Exeptions- the Eagle flies on Friday
2) The Haunted- 1-2-5
3) Ella Fitzgerald- these boots are made for walking
Any advice for the budding dj?
They are my musical brothers so we are all doing fine! Also you must do a radioshow with The Shake, every time it’s a thrill with a hangover the next day…:)

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2 Responses to Ask The D.J – d.j. El Salvo

  1. Brother Jonno says:

    Top bombing interview,good luck for July bruv x

  2. Respects to El Salvo and here’s hoping you have a cracking July OOS event. Good to see El Salvo on the programme and Anna Vodka. Get them back for your Tuesday night show soon . . . . . and when do we get a guest slot by Brother Jonno?

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