Manchester Record Shops

Beat n R

On a recent visit to my hometown I recalled that only a few years back Manchester used to host around a dozen great and varied record shops. Sadly like much of the world, most of the record shops have faded into memory. Still there remain two shops which are a paradise for the sixties singles collector and d.j. Here they are:
Beatin’ Rythmn records on Tib street, Manchester. The best record shop in central Manchester. Specialising in Northern Soul with also great selections of r’n’b, Doo-Wop, Girl Groups and much more. Its a single collectors paradise. The prices are on the good side and the service is knowledgeable and friendly. As with all record shops in my experience, ask for the rare box behind the counter. For a record shop you can’t really ask for much more to be honest…


Kingbee Records on Wilbraham Road in Chorlton. This was a new one for me, I ventured out there last week with DJ. Shazzam at my side. Although I’d heard of the shop for years, it wasn’t until they extended the tram service to Chorlton lately that I thought I’d make the pilgramage. It was well worth it. A wider selection than Beatin’ (They sold plenty of L.P’s and modern indie stuff), it had plenty of sixties collectables. Again great staff(they gave me quite a discount!). Well worth the few quid fare on the tram…

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