The Pink Fairies 1973.


The earlier Fugs post made me think of The Pink Fairies. Not too suprisingly perhaps as they were also a political anarchist agit-prop group from a little later, but from England. Based around the Ladbrooke Grove area of London, an area with which they became synonymous, they amassed an ardent following which would gather at their frequent demos/happenings/impromtu gigs. Here’s a clip fom French t.v., which I chose despite the French commentary (which I can’t understand) because this live recording is the best I’ve found on the net. Thanks Sally…

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  1. Brother Jonno says:

    The Pink Finks were the real deal,they never made a dime but also never lost a sense of who and what they were about.
    There’s a great book by Rich Deakin called “Keep it together” which charts the Finks and Deviants story,how the one evolved into the other,it’s on Headpress,deffers worth a read

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