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Sharon Tate and David Hemmings in psych freak-out!

…well almost. They are featured dancing quite energetically to what I think is a Shadows cover of “Last train to Clarkesville”. It all looks pretty cool. The rest pretty much revolves around the georgeous Sharon Tate. It also includes a … Continue reading

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Mods, Rockers and Beatniks 1965.

A top little film about the emerging youth cultures of swinging 1965 London. Taken from a longer film “Primitive London”, an exploitation film made by Arnold Louis Miller (also the director of “Nudist Memories”, you can guess from what direction … Continue reading

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The Pink Fairies 1973.

The earlier Fugs post made me think of The Pink Fairies. Not too suprisingly perhaps as they were also a political anarchist agit-prop group from a little later, but from England. Based around the Ladbrooke Grove area of London, an … Continue reading

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Ronnie Splinter R.I.P.

Today we got the sad news of the death of Ronnie Splinter after a long illness. Ronnie was the brilliant guitarist from The Outsiders, perhaps the greatest of all Dutch Nederbeat bands. Apart from his talent, Ronnie was a lovely … Continue reading

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The Fugs on Swedish T.V. 1968

Formed in New York in 1963 by two poets, Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg they took the name Fugs from a Norman Mailer novel (it meant fuck). They were an anarchist, folk, psychedelic agit-prop band that would engage in happenings … Continue reading

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45 of the month – May

Here’s a superb psych dancer from The Cherry Slush. As soon as the needle hits the record the fuzz kicks in and the action begins. A joy for all hipcats everywhere…

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“Young Souls”

A great short feature film from Dean Chalkley based on a night of northern soul. Very stylish and featuring great tunes, including “Is She in your Town” from Curtis Lee which I really must have a copy of some day. … Continue reading

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Beatles Hans this Sunday!

Tomorrow night we have the long overdue return of that Warhol superstar and good friend of Out Of Sight-Beatles Hans. He’ll be playing along with The Paisley Perverts at db’s. It should be a great night. The fun starts at … Continue reading

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’45 of the Month – April

This month’s ’45 is one of my favourites. From the very off it slides in with a cool, oh so cool vocal intro and you know you’re in good hands. Just when your getting settled, from out of sight comes … Continue reading

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