Ask the DJ – Brother Jonno

jonnoOOS approached London based dj Brother Jonno with a few questions before his appearance at OUT OF SIGHT in May. Here’s how it went…

How would you describe your dj sets?
Exciting (I hope) but with a ‘thread’ running through them.
I want to take the dance floor to that place that us dancers call the ZONE!
Where you forget where you are, what time it is, who you are with and just lose yourself in that beautiful moment when you feel more excited and alive than ever.

When did you begin, and whats your musical history?
Well playing music at student parties, obviously the idea was to impress girls, I used to drink back then too lol, I was mainly playing a mix of Brit and US rock n roll just for fun a lot of album tracks too, I always used to get given the job of ‘Playing the sounds man’ I crossed paths with my lovely wife at one such party in 1973, lucky break I reckon.
I came late to the 60s scene dj’ing which is weird as I am old enough to remember the original 60s vividly….. it made perfect sense that it should be 60s music that brought me back into wanting other people to enjoy what I liked to hear.

What are your fave 45’s of the moment?
The Rollers “Troubles” on Bel-Star label, in my opinion this tune has everything a dance floor could want, and then some, I’m playing it to death right now.
Tawny Reed “I Got a Feeling/Needle in a Haystack” blinding Welsh firecracker belting these songs out for all she’s worth, check the wild Ready Steady Go You tube vids of her performing em, wicked.
All my mod mates will start to groan here but Billy Lee Riley -“Red Hot” on Sun Records is an awesome “does what it says on the tin” honest Billy Kat jiver… in fact don’t tell anyone but I’ve seen Mods dance to this.

What’s your “get out of jail” record?
I reckon my most ‘go to’ Get out of jail tune is a combo of Gloria Jones “Heartbeat Pt1” combined with Julian Covay and The Machine “A Little Bit Hurt” it’s never failed me, anywhere…..EVER!

Ever experienced “DJ Hell”?
Yep, Camden crawl weekend, playing at The Blues Kitchen, I played first set no problem all going well and then a band came after me and all my dancers left, it went ugly after that and I let it get to me……… my dj mojo went walkabout, horrific night in a word…….eeeeeeek.

What are your thoughts on the ’60s scene?
Well, maybe I’m biased here but I love the 60s scene in London with a passion, there are brilliant club nights like The Mousetrap Le Beat Bespoke, Crossfire, and Timebox places where there is always somewhere to hear great tunes and meet groovy people.
It’s incredible to see 18-30 year olds getting excited about 60s music and fashion and I love it when they want to find out every little thing about the 60s era, I find that really inspiring.

Give us three tunes that will definately be in your box on May 11th?
Three from me? Okay, you’ll definitely find Nina Simone “Come on Back Jack” on Colpix, together with Percy Millem “Call on Me” on Goldwax, and don’t leave home without it Benny Spellman “This Is For You My Love” on Alon An “Our Tune” for me and my wife Sally.

Any advice for the budding dj?
Yes, don’t let the “Collector” in you overwhelm your choices, it’s not about what these records ARE it’s more about what they do!
Sometimes a ten quid bargain can tear the roof off a club as surely as any uber rarity….. so keep your sets mixed.

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